This is why people say Volvos are tanks

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  • "Flytta på er, ni är i vägen, om ni inte tar ett steg åt sidan måste vi ta sats och köra över er" Borde vara Volvos slogan
  • My mom used to call her volvo "a tank" or "the safest car ever." Now I can really understand why
  • Ever wonder why Gus Fring chose a Volvo 850 Station Wagon?
  • How many times can you crash one Volvo and it keep going?
  • The 94 Volvo 850 is a tank, as you all know
  • This is why people say Volvos are tanks
  • Volvo 850 extreme crashtest! part 1
  • The Hilux may have a new contender
  • I need an 80s Volvo station wagon
  • When a car just refuses to die
  • Volvo 850 crashtests
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