This is what happens when you feed a video through Google Deep Dream

source: youtube

  • When will computers be powerful enough to render DeepDream in real time (see comment)?
  • Grocery Trip, by Pouff: Google deep dream trip to the grocery head hurts!
  • Thought you guys might enjoy this - video fed through Google Deep Dream
  • This is what happens when you feed a video through Google Deep Dream
  • It was when I got to the grocery, that the acid began to take hold
  • A trip to the grocer's, made with Google’s trippy dream machine
  • A "trip" to the grocery store. (Google's crazy neural network)
  • Hey guys, I think you fellow trippers will enjoy this
  • Just imagine if that was how dogs see the world!
  • Is this what it feels like guys? (LSD or Acid)
  • Terrifying music video made with Deep Dream
  • We can't stop here! This is dog country!
  • Video of Grocery Shopping under DMT
  • How many ug visuals in this video??
  • Deep Dream - Grocery Trip (VIDEO!)
  • For when you're tripping balls
  • this is a repost, but so good
  • Some awesome Visuals...whaaaa
  • Pouff - Grocery Trip (Video)
  • A trip to the supermarket
  • Psychedelic Grocery Trip
  • Pouf - Grocery Trip
  • Shopping on LSD
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    Savanna Goldner
    I'll sell my soul to whoever can rig up 2 gopros and an oculus rift and process the video feed to turn it into stereoscopic 3d live Google Deep Dream vision. Shit would be nuts. **SHOW ME WHAT YOU'VE GOT**
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    Josefa Murphy
    That's a lot of dogs.