Everyone and their mothers are trying to make some quick cash, generally using some type of a scheme, instead of hard-work. Robert Samuel, founder of Same Ole Line Dudes, may have just discovered the easiest, quickest way to earn $1,000 every single week.

Samuel finds that standing in line for someone for hours upon hours each day has netted him some serious dough. The man makes more than a full-time wage simply by standing around.

His business, Same Ole Line Dudes, is based within New York City, which tends to have more lines than anywhere else in the entire world. Samuel spends his days waiting around at Broadway shows, sales, tech releases, and brunch wait-lists, amongst many other events. This entrepreneur charges everyone $25 per hour for his service, which was inspired by the new ride service, Uber.

Recently, Samuel spent 48-hours outside of an Apple store waiting for the release of the iPhone 6S. For this particular gig, the man brought home $1,200, plus had a nice pizza dinner while waiting in the line, sleeping bag and all.

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