This donut looks del-FUCK

source: imgur

  • MRW my former best friend broke my tooth and I had to replace it with a fake gold tooth and later he offered me an apologydonut but hid a magnet in it to add insult to injury
  • This donut looks delici-OH GODDAMMIT HOW DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN?!
  • MRW when I try to stop a demonic eclair from eating my mustache
  • His mustache has quite the gravitational pull
  • The Average Infomercial [FIXED]
  • I donut want to be here anymore
  • I hate it when that happens
  • This donut looks del-FUCK
  • this donut looks delfuck
  • Donut Eating Level: FAIL
  • me🍩irl
  • me irl