This Congresswoman Is The Worst Parker Ever

source: youtube

This hilarious video captures D.C. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton as she tries to park her car in a diagonal parking spot. Norton was unaware that she was being filmed which might explain the absurdity of her actions. The video shows the 77-year-old as she poorly attempts to park her car in between two vehicles.

According to person filming, she scraped the red car on the right while she was maneuvering between the two cars. After she was finally able to “park”, the elderly lady simply walked away from the scene and didn’t leave a note on the red car.

“If she parks like that she should not be a member of Congress anymore,” says one of the observers. In a hilarious turn of events, someone in the comments revealed that she is on the Highway and Transit Committee! We can’t imagine that will last too much longer after this.

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