This Bear Is Walking Around New Jersey On Its Hind Legs

source: youtube

There is currently a bear walking around the town of Oak Ridge, New Jersey, on its hind legs. The bear, along with being incredibly creepy, appears to be making waves within the small town and across the internet, too.

Unfortunately, that is where the fun ends. The bear is unable to walk on its two front legs due to having both paws injured, so he is unable to put his entire weight on them. So, the bear is simply walking on its back legs instead, Yogi Bear-style.

The people of the town and the internet were quite upset when they discovered the reasoning behind the bear walking around like this, so a GoFundMe page has been setup to pay for the medical bills of Pedals, the name given to this particular bear. The crowd-funding page is also hoping to relocate the black bear to the WildLife Center in New York, as he is dangerously thin and may not survive the coming winter.

We’re really hoping someone can save Pedals before it is too late.

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