These People Give Their Childhood Instruments Another Spin

source: youtube

As important as it is to have music in life, it’s all too easy to fall out of good habits — like actually playing an instrument instead of listening to the works of others. Luckily, thanks to the power of the internet, a slew of musicians are given the chance to reconnect with their old friends; keyboards, violins, trombones and more are all put in the hands of those with prior experience.

The results are about what anyone would expect. The musicians putting on a show have trouble even getting their instruments ready, and in some cases can’t even read the music set just feet in front of their faces. It would be a sobering (or even depressing) notion if not for the fact that the video’s volunteers take their lack of skill in stride. Even with such poor odds, a handful of notes do get played. That might be the best outcome possible.

It’s entertaining to see the struggle made real, but those who actually did play the instruments on display might be in for the greatest treat. It’s not hard to imagine some angry violinist clamoring for shoulder rest usage or better bow control — in which case, one can hope he gets a video next.

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