These Couples Describe Their Relationships Using Rap Music

source: youtube

One can’t help but wonder if it’s an act of mercy or a missed opportunity that the people in this video describe their significant others with names, figures, and concepts from rap music, and don’t actually bust out the fresh beats. A betting man would probably go for the former. Still, that won’t stop these people from playing along.

The mission is simple: the couples answered questions based on their partners in private, and did so using rappers as measures and options. It’s a strange day, indeed, when Iggy Azalea is used to rate someone’s cooking ability; it only gets stranger when the couples have to figure out which rappers their partners would leave them for. Then again, maybe they all want the best for one another if they’re willing to put their faith in Kanye West and Eminem.

Whatever the case, anyone who wants to see a group of couples answer awkward questions and show off their rap knowledge — or lack thereof — is in for some good laughs.

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