We all have to grow old overtime. For some of us, this can be quite a daunting thought so we do all we can to keep our youthful looks, from eating a certain way to smearing our faces with age-defying creams. Some of us are quite happy to grow old gracefully. Maybe having a grey beard can be awesome (we’ve always wanted to look like a wizard anyway).

However, there are some people who just never seem to age no matter how many years go by. Here we’ve gathered twenty celebrities who seem to have discarded the ageing process and continue to the look the same age even after a decade or so. We hope you’re not the jealous type.

Bianca Lawson

A lot of people make jokes about how aged actors often play high school kids despite them being in their thirties and forties. But we’re pretty sure the Saved By The Bell star could easily reprise her role and no one would bat an eyelid.

Enrique Iglesias

Funnily enough, fourteen years is about the same amount of time it’s taken us to be able to pronounce his name correctly the first time. Now it’ll be another decade and a half before we’ve committed the spelling of it to memory. In the meantime, Mr. Iglesias still won’t have aged a single day.

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