There is quite literally an app for everything. There are apps that track how many calories you’ve consume in a day, apps which show you what bands are playing in your city, apps that allow you to figure out what song is playing in the bar you’re in, but now there’s an app to help prevent you from contacting your ex.

This app, called Nickelblock utilizes what is pretty much a universal hate for the band Nickelback by playing endless Nickelback songs any time that you attempt to contact your ex or look at their social media profiles online. The band is actually wanted by Australian police for “crimes against music.” Pretty much everyone can agree that it’s simply not worth it to listen to Chad Kroeger’s voice just to send that text to your ex; a text that probably was going to be ignored anyways.

Also, now you know that anytime you hear someone’s phone start blaring Nickelback, they are definitely texting their ex. Or they just really like Nickelback. Either way, it is very embarrassing.

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