It’s true — there is now a magazine devoted entirely to redheads. It is called MC1R, named after the gene that brings forth the red hair, and it was started by Steven Meisel, a German photographer and a ginger himself.

He started a photography group with him and a few other friends who also had red hair. He found that he loved the pictures so much, he wanted to print a few copies just for the people who had been involved in the photos. When doing some research into the cost, he found that the cost for 20 would be about the same for 500. He started a crowd-funding campaign to see if he could rally up a few people who would be interested in reading the magazine as well, and had more than enough pre-orders to print more than 1,500 copies.

The magazine speaks about everything from redhead culture and fashion, to redhead festivals and experiences that only redheads go through. It certainly is interesting to think that an entire culture can develop just from a hair color.

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