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  • Vsauce explains preferential attachment processes; one of the major reasons why a small percentage of people get the majority of the world's money, karma, attention, news, etc
  • Zipf mystery: Interesting video by Vsauce explaining how word frequency in languages behave. The of and to a in is I that it for you was with on as have but be they
  • The Zipf Mystery Seems to me that this could have a lot to do with peoples perception of unity and collectiveness in the universe
  • What is this song at this Vsauce video, it is at 18:15. The background music with a girl singing and I think guitar rifts
  • The Zipf Mystery - The frequency of a word is inversely proportional to its rank in the frequency table
  • With the number of times Rick says Morty, I wonder if the show still follows Zipf's law?
  • The Madman use Zipf Law. Or why Donald Trump use small number of simple words
  • The Zipf Mystery! Also, this guy looks like a cross between Jeff and Anthony
  • Zipf's law - I'd love Young Jamie to pull this video up and blow Joe's mind
  • Vsauce video about how eerily mathematical language is. (Zipf Phenomenon)
  • [Video] The Zipf Mystery - Vsause. I thought you guys might enjoy
  • A video from vsauce about the frequency of words in language
  • song name from the end of the "Zipf Mystery" video?
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  • The Zipf Mystery - Patterns in word usage
  • Fascinating video about the Zipf Mystery
  • The Zipf Mystery (quizzaciously origin)
  • Zipfs Law | VSauce. Morphic Resonance?
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  • I am dying right now [7]
  • Neat
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    Ivy Nitzsche
    probably one of VSauce's best videos
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