There are a lot of high hopes for 2015 being a big year for video games, but it seems like with each passing day those hopes dwindle. There have already been announcements of Sony’s Uncharted 4 being pushed back to 2016, and Nintendo recently did the same with its latest Zelda installment. Now Microsoft has stepped up to the plate, declaring that its new franchise, Quantum Break, won’t see store shelves until next year at the earliest.

It’s disappointing news for those anxious to play, but the logic behind it makes sense. A statement from the official site explains that the developers — those working at Remedy Entertainment — want to make sure that the full game is polished and primed to be the best it can be. Coming off of 2014 and its spate of buggy, borderline-broken releases, it’s refreshing to know that players will be in good hands. In theory, at least; there’s no guarantee that the delay will ensure quality, but the chances of such still exist.

It’s worth noting that Quantum Break is billed as a two-for-one deal — a hybrid between a video game and a live-action TV show. That remains to be seen, and the fate of both forms are unknown since Microsoft pulled the plug on the related Xbox Entertainment Studios. While there was reassurance that the game was on track back then, this delay doesn’t paint the prettiest picture for the project.

Time will tell if the full release pans out. Until then, one can only hope that Quantum Break is worth the wait.

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