Honors student Macy Edgerly was sent home from Orangefield High School in Texas for wearing a long top and leggings on April 2nd. This prompted her elder sister Erica to take a photo of the attire and upload it to Facebook, Mirror reported. In the accompanying post, the 21-year-old Erica wrote that she has to stand up for her family and for women who are judged for their clothing and bodies daily. People wonder why women feel insecure about what they wear. This is because women are told their clothing is inappropriate when they are totally clothed, even when they are not showing cleavage.

Erica further wrote that school systems should begin teaching the boys not to degrade women with their eyes. The sisters have since received support from hundreds of people via Facebook. Macy’s school said in a statement that they cannot reveal or talk about the details of a student’s educational or disciplinary matter due to state and federal confidentiality laws, they want to assure their community that they make efforts to maintain a positive learning environment for their students free from distraction.

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