The Real Reason Why Bus Seats Are Designed with Ugly Multicolor Patterns

source: youtube

Have you ever wondered why bus and train seats are always designed with multi-color patterns that seem to come from the 1980’s? It seems like the bus designers haven’t been doing some refurbishing. However, even the newer buses and trains are sporting the same retro prints, with varying degrees of ugliness!

The truth is, you can’t blame the hideous prints to bad aesthetic or poor taste — rather the actual reason is more shocking than that. It is all about tricking the eye, an elaborate illusion to trick the typical commuter. The seat upholstery are made in such a way as to hide all the dirt and grime found on them! The crazier the pattern, the better it camouflages all the filth in there.

If you want to see how dirty a typical public transport seat is, check out this video:

This realization will make you rethink about taking the public transport upholstery again. It’s probably better to stand next time you take public transport.

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