"The Play"

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  • If you're on the fence for TI3, just watch this. Actually being there live for moments like this is a feeling that cannot be replicated at home. I still get chills
  • I know, it is a different game. But watch the crowd and at the splitcam. Can we have something amazing like that? I get chills
  • Seeing as hype is building for #TI3, thought I would repost this to give people an idea of what we can expect
  • Dota 2 - "The Play" - multicam edition (Gameplay, player cams, and crowd reaction at The International 2012)
  • Not quite Starcraft 2 caliber, but still some crazy hand action coming from Dendi at The International
  • Now that Na'vi is gone, let's take one last moment to enjoy "The Play". I'm gonna miss Dendi
  • "The Play" - The International 2 with a battle cry after victory
  • "The Play" - Multicam version of Dota2 at The International
  • "The Play" - Multicam Edition (I'M SO EXCITED FOR TI3!!!)
  • Reliving some TI3 moments before the 6th commences
  • They may be gone but we'll always have The Play!
  • "The Play" - Multicam Edition [NaVi vs IG]
  • 'The Play' - The International 2 Multicam
  • Why isn't there things like this in LoL?
  • "The Play" - Multicam Edition (DotaTI)
  • I still watch this on a regular basis
  • [Video] Dota 2: "The Play"
  • The overlooked ravage
  • Our national anthem!
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