The Most Ridiculous Concept Car Ever

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  • As a fan of Pontiac cars and of Top Gear, I so wish they made this so I could see Jeremy and James poke holes in it while Richard falls in love with it
  • Found this absolutely classic 1980's commercial from Pontiac and recognized the location
  • The Pontiac Stinger - A Prototype Two Million Dollar Car Equipped with a Garden Hose
  • Watch "The Pontiac Stinger - The Most Ridiculous Concept/Future Car Ever" on YouTube
  • x post from r/videos, 100% Overland ready: The Most Ridiculous Concept Car Ever
  • Pontiac Stinger concept. Where is the toothbrush and TP dispensor?
  • Amazing 80s concept car - imagine keeping up with all those pieces
  • Is Reddit familiar with the radical Pontiac Stinger concept car!?
  • The most ridiculous concept/future car ever: The Pontiac Stinger
  • It's as if Nerf and Swiss Army got together to design a car
  • Pontiac Stinger- A car just for going to the beach
  • "The Stinger. Almost as much a condo as a car"
  • The Pontiac Stinger - As much toolbox as car
  • I feel like this should be porn for you guys
  • Perhaps the most ridiculous concept car ever
  • Pontiac Stinger- A car with a garden hose
  • This concept car promo
  • OK for weekends
  • EDC Dream Car
  • versatile car
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