The full "Smash Brothers Documentary" has reached 1 million views

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  • The Smash Brothers (2014) - a really well done description of the evolution of the Super Smash Brothers Melee scene
  • This documentary on the Smash Bros competitive scene is absolutely amazing. Give it a watch, you will enjoy it
  • Surprisingly compelling documentary about Super Smash Bros Melee and the community that has arisen around it
  • [Super Smash] A four hour compilation documentary about the best players and history of super smash bros
  • [EDM/Electronica] Name of the song at 3:23:57 (direct link) on this Super Smash Brothers Documentary?
  • The Super Smash Brothers. Melee! Documentary. Competitive History of the Game from 2001 to 2013
  • Still one of the best gaming documentaries ever, even if you never played the game
  • The Smash Brothers (2013) - Documentary about the history of competitive Melee
  • The full "Smash Brothers Documentary" has reached 1 million views
  • Song playing in the background here? (Timestamped at 19:42)
  • Professional Smash Bros player smurfs for a documentary
  • Happy wars is like My SSBM Heres a Documentary on Melee
  • Super Smash Bros Amateur Documentary - 4 Hours
  • The Smash Brothers Documentary
  • Smash Bros documentary
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