The first scenes of Utopia episodes were always chillingly awesome

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  • "Nothing produces Carbon like a 1st world human, yet you created one." A biting anti-natal rant. Oh, how I want to scream this at breeders
  • Utopia is a Tvshow where the protagonist decides to make everyone on the planet infertile/sterile. A great show for anyone who is into AN
  • I was being my usual edgy self in another subreddit and someone replied with this video. It brought a tear to me eye
  • [Spoilers] Is it really bad to agree(mostly) with whatever Terrence Truman says on that S02E06 opening scene?
  • Anyone know the name of the track that appears in this scene? I can't seem to find it on the series 2 ost
  • One of the most incredible scenes of television last year. Utopia series 2, episode 6's opening scene
  • One reason why I'm not going to plague the world with offspring. (Utopia S2E6 - Opening scene)
  • If anyone with children ever tells you it's suicide that is the selfish act… send them this
  • Utopia has some of the best opening scenes I've seen in a long time. Possibly spoiler?
  • Utopia has the most interesting and intense scenes I have seen in television
  • The first scenes of Utopia episodes were always chillingly awesome
  • Remember to protect the environment Reddit! Murder your children
  • May have been posted before, but I think you all will like it
  • One tiny voice speaks the truth in a maelstrom of stupidity
  • This scene in Utopia pretty much sums up the whole ordeal
  • TV show Utopia on carbon emissions
  • Utopia - The Environment [S2E6]
  • Gotta love the subtle horror
  • Why did you have him, then?
  • I could cut his throat?
  • Utopia -- Touch of Flu
  • The Most Selfish Act
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