Cartoons have long been a staple in most people’s homes since the invention of the black-and-white television. Every Saturday morning, and for a brief period after school closed for the day, most children were glued to their family’s television set in an effort to watch some of the coolest and newest cartoons to have ever been devised. What made each of these cartoons so great, however, was not the main protagonist, but the villain who stood behind them ensuring life was difficult for all. Here are the ten wackiest cartoon villains to have ever been concocted.

Bluto – Popeye

Bluto has long been the villain that stood against Popeye in all of his adventures. He is the man who wanted to get frisky with Olive Oyl, and despite having far more strength than the iconic hero, Bluto never managed to win a fight.

Dishonest John – Beany and Cecil

Dishonest John simply looked the part of a sinister villain. He dressed in a black suit with black shoes and a black hat. The man just screamed evil – at least within a cartoon capacity. He was the supervillain who tricked Beany and Cecil regularly.

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