Natural disasters are some of the scariest, most terrifying ordeals that anyone can go through these days. When something strikes – whether it be a hurricane, tornado, or a tsunami – people tend to run for cover or die trying. It is sad, but thousands – if not more – innocent individuals die every single year from these hectic storms and natural catastrophes. The only thing we can do nowadays is to predict when something will happen, but there is almost no way to effectively stop or calm a natural disaster once it strikes. Here are the ten most terrifying natural disasters in the entire world.


Hurricanes are known for their insanely strong winds and thunderstorms that would terrifying the bravest of canines. The abnormally strong gusts of wind have been known to rip up unstable homes and lift cars from their tracks. Hurricane Katrina is probably one of the most well known occurrences.


Earthquakes shake the very ground we stand on, unnerving almost everyone within their wake. When two plates collide underneath the crust of the planet, the entire thing begins to release seismic waves. 500,000 quakes occur every single year, and some level entire cities.

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