A Texas State student found an interesting way to get around even after losing her license due to drunk driving. Tara Monroe, 20, lost her license and her car after being pulled over while driving home from a concert. While she declined to take a breathalyzer test, that doesn’t stop the state from suspending the license and her dad from taking the car away. Left with a bike to get around, Monroe decided to look at other modes of transportation.

That’s when the student found a $60 Barbie Jeep on sale through Craigslist. A little girl named Charlene was quite surprised to see it go to someone that was bigger than her. “Since Charlene handed over the keys, she has rolled out around the University of Texas at Austin’s West Campus and Texas State, leaving a trail of her laughter and Snapchats everywhere her little 12-volt battery can take her at 5 mph.

Monroe is surprised to see her riding around in a toy jeep take off this quickly on the internet, calling the act juvenile. However, because of her quick fame, she’s happy with the decision she made.

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