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Tenacious D - City Hall [Comedy Rock]

source: youtube

  • City Hall: A cautionary tale about a government born in revolution and founded on the best interests of the people, becoming corrupt and eventually collapsing upon itself. (music only)
  • Any other Ents feel like this song sums up their attitude towards Washington and this Debt talk...WE'LL LEAD AS TWO KINGS
  • I dedicate this song to all Occupy [insert city name here] protesters -- I'll be watching from a bunker
  • This is for all the people in the streets of Cairo, to help you rock out just a little bit harder
  • When I first heard about Elon Musk's Hyperloop, this is the first thing I thought of
  • Whenever I hear about the riots, this song comes to mind
  • Tenacious D - City Hall [Comedy Rock]
  • It seems Tenacious D predicted this
  • To all the people in Baltimore
  • For the day that's in it
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