The incredible new Chris Nolan film Interstellar hit cinemas this week. While the movie’s themes of the end of the world, the will to survive, and the vastness of space are a little sombre, it has more than enough moments of humour. Most of these come from the film’s robot TARS, a sarcastic and cheeky chap who is undoubtedly one of Interstellar’s highlights. With this in mind, we thought it’d be a good time to look at some of science fictions other notable robot buddies.

10. Wall-E

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that Pixar can make a bloody good film. While Wall-E might be one of their weaker efforts, the tale of a post apocalyptic (well, post Human trashed) Earth is strong stuff, made all the better by the titular Wall-E, a trash collecting ‘bot left alone on Earth. It’s a testament to Pixar’s design skills that a robot that doesn’t speak a word for an entire film can be so beloved.

9. K-9

We’re suckers for a good pun. We also love Doctor Who. So a robot dog from Doctor Who called K-9 (get it?) has to make this list. He was first introduced in the show way back in the 70s, and has been a fan favourite character on the show ever since, making a number of returns and even getting a spin off show (which isn’t very good… but ah well).

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