Police have confirmed that a 16-year-old boy from Tulsa has accidentally shot himself in the leg for the second time in just three months. The teenager is now in hospital in a serious condition after he was found by officers at his home with a single gunshot wound to his left leg.

Believing that the boy may have severed an artery due to the fact that he was incoherent and losing a large amount of blood, police quickly provided first aid and transported him to St. John Medical Center. The tourniquet tied to the leg by one officer may have saved the 16-year-old’s life, with doctors fearing he would have bled to death without the police intervention.

Just three months previously, officers attended the same house and found the boy with gunshot wound to the leg. This first wound was much less serious than the second and was not considered life-threatening. Police had confiscated the gun used in the earlier accident and and unsure how he managed to obtain another gun.