Two cheerleader squads ignited a fierce brawl after they began to fight following an impromptu dance-off after a football match. The two drills teams, Wilmer Hutchins Blue Bells and James Madison Trojanettes, were taking part in activities at a local football game but things turned nasty after the match ended when the two groups of teenagers decided to have an unofficial dance-off.

Eyewitness accounts claim that a 13-year-old dancer started the fight after she struck 15-year-old Shamyra Cooper on the back of the head. Cooper’s mother explained that the girl got too close to her daughter and was responsible for igniting the brawl.

You do have a personal space in which you are supposed to respect,” said the mother. “That was not respected, so it was heated at that point. I immediately leaped over the rail and ran to the field, trying to get my baby. By that time it was chaos.

The incident soon got out of control when parents and other team members rushed the field, although there were no serious injuries and police did not have to get involved. Officials have since banned both drill teams from taking part in any future football games.

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