We are now living in in a society where everything has to be documented and then posted on social media. Often times, attempting to nab that perfect photo tends to be very dangerous and deadly.

17-year-old Andrey Retrovsky was known for being a thrill seeker. He was part of a popular group in his hometown called ‘Roofers’. The group would take daring selfies from the rooftops of high-rise buildings, much of which they would sneak in illegally.

Recently in Volga, Russia, Retrovsky had climbed on top of a building with a friend in an attempt to take a photo that made it seem as though he was falling from the roof. The young man was secured with a rope, but when the rope unfortunately failed, Andrey fell nine stores to the ground.

While some nearby bushes were able to cushion his fall, the teenager eventually died from extensive injuries two hours later while he was being treated at a hospital.

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