Joshua Maddux was just 18-years-old when he disappeared seven years ago. The remains of the teenager were recently found inside the chimney of an abandon cabin. Contractors found Joshua Vernon Maddux’s remains when they were demolishing the abandoned cabin about a mile from Maddux’s home in Colorado. It is speculated that Joshua was attempting to shimmer his way down the chimney when he unfortunately got stuck.

Coroner Al Born stated that there was a huge piece of furniture that was blocking the fireplace. This is believed what cause Joshua to get stuck in the chimney, unable to escape. The teenager’s legs were removed from his torso and his knees were above his head. Joshua’s dad, Mike said that he was heartbroken when his son never returned home.

I got up one morning and Josh was there, then he just never came home. The next day he still didn’t come home. I called all his friends. Nobody’s seen him. Nobody knows where he is. I didn’t know what to do so I called the police. He went missing on May 8 and I called police May 13, 2008.”

Joshua’s older sister, Kate, said her brother was very adventurous. She said that her family always had hopes of Joshua returning and they are devastated by the recent news.

He told me he was going for a walk. Josh was an avid nature lover and loved to go for hikes. We had hope of him being alive, and I feel like in a sense he continued to live on with us, because we had so many dreams of what he could possibly be doing.”

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