Black market drugs are rarely ever the answer to any situation. Unfortunately, a lot of wannabe bodybuilders make use of various types of steroids to bulk up. One teen, Andrej Gardos, wanted to become the next Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but sadly that dream was short-lived.

Andrej stepped outside of his local Tesco in Weston-super-Mare and dropped dead almost instantly. The young man, tragically, experienced his thoracic aorta rupturing due to the drug use. Doctors claim his heart weighed around 680g when they performed a post-mortem. That’s much heavier than a normal heart, which averages between 400g and 500g.

Dr. John Oxley said: “Andrej’s heart weighed 680g, and a normal heart is between 400 and 500g. He wasn’t a normal man. Steroids would have enlarged his heart, and having a big heart predisposes thoracic rupture.”

The Slovakian teenager worked out twice each day and due to his steroid use, grew to be 7ft 2 inches tall (218cm) and a whopping 19 stone (120kg).

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