A New Jersey Elementary school teacher was very serious about eating breakfast because it made him late for work 111 times. Arnold Anderson is a 15-year veteran teacher and told The Associated Press that his love for breakfast makes him lose track of time. “I have a bad habit of eating breakfast in the morning and I lost track of time.” Anderson said.

The school district didn’t let his tardiness slide either. Instead, they attempted to fire Anderson from the Roosevelt Elementary School stating that he was entitled to progressive discipline. The state arbitrator said that the school district failed to notify Anderson formally about his tardiness, and they didn’t give him at least 90 days to improve before they tried to fire him.

Arnold Anderson was late 46 times within the last school year and 65 times the school year before that. He is currently on suspension without pay until January 1st. Anderson said he is upset about the suspension but is relieved he didn’t lose his job. When he returns to school in January, he promises to be early and on time.

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