It seems as though Tarzan is alive and well in Santa Ana, California. At least, a shirtless man plastered himself in mud claiming he was Tarzan. He then proceeded to climb 20 feet up into a tree at the bird exhibit. His real goal however, was to get inside of a monkey exhibit at the Santa Ana Zoo.

While watching this happen, a zoo keeper rushed to call 911 and report this incidence. Unfortunately for the zoo, but fortunate for himself, the man had left by the time the police arrived. Just a short time later the police took him into custody, though. When asked about the incident, Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna told the local news service that the man was apparently high on methamphetamine. The man later admitted he was trying to get into the monkey exhibit. Fortunately, he didn’t manage to do that though, or we’d have yet an entirely different story to tell here.

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