McDonald’s has never been seen as the best place to go to if you want a formal meal. Instead, it is simply a fast food restaurant that lets people get cheap meals without any fuss or extra frills, the ideal solution for those who want a quick bite to eat.

Apparently that isn’t the case in Sweden though, as McDonald’s is about to launch a trial scheme in the Scandinavian country that will allow customers to reserve tables in specific restaurants and have their food served to them directly from their seats. The trial will last a week and is being introduced in conjunction with a brand new premium burger.

Jeff Jackett, director of marketing at McDonald’s Sweden, said: “We have a very exciting and tasty new premium hamburger coming to our restaurants, the Maestro Classic, so we wanted to give our most loyal customers a unique and memorable experience when they try the Maestro hamburger for the very first time.

They’ve never had the opportunity to ‘book a table’ at their favorite restaurant in Sweden. With the new Maestro burger, we thought it was the right time to give them a chance to do so.”

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