Surprised Red Panda

source: imgur

  • The mods are deciding on how to go about this new subreddit at the moment, so I thought I'd get the ball stealing something from aww
  • Tree foxes, while sly and cunning are extremely frightened by the unexpected appearance of rain boots
  • MRW I'm just relaxing on the couch and my fully clawed cat makes a sudden move towards me
  • MRW I realize I filled up an entire super plus tampon in an hour and a half
  • Me when my friend shows me the second blunt he was hiding at [7]
  • MRW my mom walks into my room and I'm smoking
  • When I got caught wanking... (first)
  • Don't sneak up on me like that!
  • Don't be scared bro, it's okay
  • Surprised little fella
  • Red Panda Meets a Boot
  • It's so fluffy!!! Aaah
  • [G] Startled Red Panda
  • "Dude, dude, chill."
  • Surprised Red Panda
  • Shocked Panda
  • surprised red panda