Suicide Squad Official Trailer

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  • The first trailer for Suicide Squad has an entirely different tone and mood than the movie that was released. As well as many scenes that are not in the movie. I want to see THIS movie, not the one we got
  • What Ayer and Snyder are doing is amazing! MORE DARKNESS AND GRITTINESS PLS! (<------Up Visionary Snyders to the left)
  • DC's "Suicide Squad" trailer debuted today, pay attention to what the authority figures say at the beginning
  • This Chick With the baseball Bat reminds me so much of Jinx, see for yourself. movie called Suicide Squad
  • I liked Suicide Squad, but will forever mourn the movie this incredible trailer made it out to be
  • It kind of makes me sad to watch this now and see just how much grittier the tone was
  • The Suicide Squad trailer from Comic-Con was just officially released. Check it out!
  • DC's Suicide Squad - Bad Guys (Deniably) Doing Our Dirty Work. Sound Familliar?
  • I prefer David Ayers original vision. The teaser is still my favorite
  • Suicide Squad SDCC Trailer Hits 60 Million Views! Happy New Year
  • Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer posted on YouTube by WB!
  • Suicide Squad trailer released online by Warner Bros
  • Opinion: Where was THIS version of Suicide Squad?
  • Suicide Squad trailer has been released!!!!!!!
  • Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First Look Trailer
  • Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer first look
  • Suicide Squad - Comic-Con First Look [HD]
  • Suicide Squad, official Comic-Con trailer
  • Suicide Squad Trailer -- FF Inspiration?
  • [Movies] OFFICIAL Suicide Squad trailer
  • アメコミの悪者オールスターが大集結する映画「Suicide Squad」予告編
  • Suicide Squad - Official Trailer (2016)
  • Thoughts on the Suicide Squad trailer?
  • Suicide Squad Official First Look!!
  • スイサイド・スクワッドの予告編が公開。新ジョーカーも登場。
  • The Tribute has gone too far
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    Robb Larson
    Will Smith should just make cameos in every movie where he says the title out loud. "so that's it huh? The Force Awakens now"