Ryanair has developed something of a reputation over the past few years for charging extortionate fees for their passengers. Although the airline tickets themselves may be relatively cheap, these additional extras that can be charged for a variety of reasons can quickly add up to make travelling to a destination far more expensive than it was initially.

Student Adam Armstrong was due to face a fee of £220 from Ryanair in order to correct a naming error that had been made when one of his friend’s parents had booked the tickets. They had mistakenly used his name on Facebook, Adam West, believing that was his real name.

Rather than pay the admin cost that amounted to double the price of the actual ticket, Adam decided to go to some extreme methods to ensure that he wouldn’t have to spend so much money to get to Ibiza with his girlfriend. He first changed his name by deed poll at no price — to Adam West, and then applied for a replacement passport with his new name at a price of £103.

Altogether, the 19-year-old student managed to save £117 on the price of his holiday. Although he will now have to share the name of the actor who played Batman on the 1960’s television show.

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