London is an incredibly expensive place to live and it can be completely cost prohibitive to live in, especially for university students who are on low-incomes. That makes it a huge problem for anyone who wants to study at a prestigious college in the city but one man came up with an ingenious solution. Rather than pay rent and living costs on London, he simply commutes to the University of London from his hometown in Poland.

23-year-old Jonathan Davey realized that it would be much cheaper to travel to university rather than live in London and so took the drastic decision to travel the 1,000 miles for his studies. He travels to the UK every Wednesday at 6am and then flies back to Poland on Friday evening, spending the intervening time in cheap hotels or sleeping on a friend’s couch. This costs him just over $3,000 a year, a huge saving on the rent he would have to pay if he moved to London permanently.

It’s hard to believe it’s cheaper to commute 1,000 miles than live just round the corner,” said Jonathan. “But the cost of living for students is crippling. I’m thousands of pounds a year better off living in Poland.”

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