When it comes to an orchestral performance, common knowledge would suggest that it would take place in the proper setting. A concert hall is as good a choice as any, or at the very least a school auditorium. But when faced with ill fortune, one group decided to make the best of it — and quite literally took it to the streets.

An escaped horse in Somerset, England forced traffic into a standstill, to the dismay of dozens of drivers. Luckily, a string quartet happened to be among those caught in traffic, having come from a recent wedding. Rather than sit in their cars and let the heat get to them, they decided to pull out the instruments and start playing — if not to placate other drivers, then at least to pass the time.

The circumstances weren’t exactly ideal, but the quartet’s efforts were definitely appreciated. The crowd that built up made sure to give a round of applause, and even tossed some sweets the performers’ way. Without a doubt, the power of music helped make the best out of a bad situation.