Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams And Snoop Dogg Show Us A Different Future In This New Music Video

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With the help of his long time friends Pharrell Williams and Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg is set to show us the future as seen through the eyes of Californians in the ’60s in his latest music video for the song California Roll.

Featuring flying cars, mix of ancient and modern architecture, as well as blimps, the music video for Snoop’s latest song gives us an alternative look of modern times, if what people were right in their assumptions and predictions for the future. Telling the story through an audience in a cinema, the artistic music video fits the smooth melodies of California Roll perfectly, resulting in a seamless experience that will leave you wondering “What if our craziest dreams, actually became a reality.”

Whether you’d simply want to enjoy the amazing song by Snoop, Pharrell and Stevie Wonder, while enjoying some amazing visuals, or you want to find the deeper meaning, be sure to check out the music video for California Roll down below.

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