Steve-O, the infamous jackass, recently did a SeaWorld stunt that is costing him quite a bit. The man has been sentenced to 30 days in jail after he completed the 100-foot climb atop a Hollywood crane to perform the live stunt.

The stunt, in protest of SeaWorld, featured Steve-O inflating a giant killer whale with ‘SeaWorld sucks’ written across the rubber creature. He then lit off fireworks while a police helicopter circled around him and the crane in question.

Previously, reports said the man could face up to four years in jail for this little stunt, so the reduced term is most likely a huge relief. 30 days in jail is better than four years, but it will still suck in the long run. Steve-O was found guilty of trespassing and illegally using fireworks. He is also being put on three years probation.

On the good side, though, Steve-O has managed to highlight some heinous crimes within SeaWorld that have to do with animal rights. This little stunt should draw plenty of attention to those criminals in question.

He spoke on being sentenced to jail saying: “Considering I’ve become a clean and sober, dog-rescuing vegan, I must say I’m ready to go to jail — not just because it will bring so much attention to the plight of orcas in captivity, but because it’s nice to let people know I haven’t lost my edge.”

We’re looking forward to his release and subsequent stunts.