Stephen Colbert's Interview With Donald Trump

source: youtube

  • My favorite Trump video. The God Emperor versus Stephen Colbert. Who else has the balls to stride into the belly of the beast and stand up for himself while his enemies attack him?
  • Remember when Colbert gave trump control of the interview. Pathetic! Scam! (Trumpsters if you whine about Hilary doing this why do you ignore trump doing it.)
  • Unquestionable Proof that Soda's Stream is a viral project by Stephen Colbert
  • Trump makes Colbert look like a clown by comparison. SAD!
  • Stephen Colbert's Interview With Donald Trump
  • La mejor imitación de Peña nieto que he visto
  • Donald Trump Has Nothing To Apologize For
  • Colbert, Trump... Pure class
  • Stephan who? BTFO
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