You might think it’d be fun to get high on the job, but a certain group of Spanish police don’t believe that to be the case. Over 2,000 marijuana plants have been seized and much of the weed is being held with USPAC, a union located in Olot, Spain. While much of the drugs are stashed away in an underground parking lot, some of it is kept in police offices because there’s not enough space to hold it.

According to reports, the union simply can’t function because with it just being on the ground, it’s become overpowering: “The union said the ‘unbearable smell’ from the plants has caused ‘discomfort’ and ‘headaches’ in some officers, while others reported ‘feeling the effects of smoking something illegal.’

Police are worried that people will get the wrong impression if they come into the station and smell the marijuana. They’ve requested containers that could hold the pot and keep the smell from being overwhelming, but it’s apparently fallen on deaf ears. Perhaps now that it’s being widely reported on, management will finally get around to helping them out.

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