Gage Berger, a six-year-old boy from Salt Lake City, Utah, told Inside Edition that children at his school were bullyng him because of his ears. They would often tell him he looked like an elf and that his ears were weird. Berger said that he didn’t want to be made fun of anymore.

His parents ultimately felt the same way, as they would often notice that kids would point, stare and began to laugh at their son’s ears. Gage’s parents feared that the constant teasing would cause permanent damage because of his young age. They decided it was time for plastic surgery. “He just gets really down on himself and he thinks, ‘I’m not good enough.'”

Gage had a two-hour procedure to alter the look of his ears. Many doctors don’t recommend cosmetic surgery for anyone under 18, yet ear pin backs tends to be more common amongst kids. Gage’s parents urge other parents to take precautions before deciding on plastic surgery for their child.