When six buffalo freed themselves from an Arkansas farm earlier this week, they roamed Arkansas City while evading authorities and citizens of the city for the day. Arkansas City is small, with a population of only 35,000 people, but the 2,000 lb. beasts are good at hiding, apparently.

One buffalo was hit by a car, so it gave up and wandered back to the farm, three other buffaloes were tranquilized and put in a pasture. The idea of the pasture placement was that they would attract the two missing buffaloes to them, but so far, no luck. The two missing buffaloes have not been seen since yesterday, but they will hopefully be rounded up and returned home soon safely and uninjured, but certainly with a great story to tell.

Arkansas City will now have an additional claim to fame than being former President of the United States Bill Clinton’s hometown, as the “land where the buffaloes roam.”

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