Simpsons Pixel Couch Gag

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  • Heres a pair of ideas: Pixel art is real art AND the Simpsons forms the basis of the modern American culture
  • One of the best fanmade Simpsons couch gags - pixel Simpsons - wound up getting used for the show
  • New Pixel themed Simpsons opening sequence created by Australians Ivan Dixon and Paul Robertson
  • The Simpsons intro made with pixel art and chiptune soundtrack is absolutely beautiful!
  • Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon release their pixel art remake of The Simpsons intro
  • Incredible pixel animation of the Simpsons opening titles
  • The Simpsons opening done with pixel art...amazing!
  • 16 bit Simpsons - I'm geeking out pretty hard here
  • Simpsons Opening (chiptune and pixel animation)
  • If your baked get ready.. xpost/r/vids
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  • Simpsons Pixel Couch Gag
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