Hearts all over the world were touched when Harman Singh, a very observant Sikh, broke religious protocol and removed his turban in order to help an injured child in Auckland, New Zealand. After almost a month, Singh’s good deed is not going unnoticed and karma is giving back to him. When TVNZ interviewed Singh about what he did, viewers noticed that his apartment lacked some furniture — leading the news station to team up with a local furniture store in order to help the 22-year-old.

The young man, who is originally from India, cried when he received a brand new couch, chairs, coffee table and a bed. “Thank you, thanks a lot. I’m very happy,” Singh said while tearing up. “It’s the biggest surprise of my life.” Singh became an internet sensation when a photo of him placing his turban on an injured child’s head went viral. He was trying to help soothe the 6-year-old kid who had been involved in a car accident outside Singh’s home. According to strict laws, turban is considered a part of the body of the person who wears it and can only be removed in the wearer’s home.

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