Although many restaurants have taken to serving more exotic foods in recent times, a Nigerian establishment may have gone too far after it was shut down for serving human flesh to customers.

According to a number of sources, officials in the south-eastern province of Anambra in Nigeria have forced a restaurant to close after finding several bags containing human heads on the premises. This followed a raid by police who found the decapitated heads still dripping blood along with a number of automatic weapons and grenades. Believing that the employees were selling human meat, officers arrested ten people.

Local residents revealed that they had been suspicious for a while following strange events at the local market and hotel. One commented saying, “I’m not surprised at the shocking revelation… Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel.”

Meanwhile a local priest who has eaten at the restaurant explained that he believed he may have unwittingly consumed human flesh. Alter ordering a meal, the priest revealed how he was shocked with the large bill he was given. When he challenged this he was told that the high price was due to the special meat he had been served. “I did not know I had been served human meat, and it was that expensive,” he said.

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