Spring Break in Florida certainly gets out of hand sometimes, but the parties rarely turn into actual disasters. Sadly, one party went terribly wrong as a young man opened fire and reportedly shot at least seven people. The shooting occurred early Saturday morning in Bay County, Florida. While there haven’t been any fatalities reported yet, there are at least three victims in the hospital with critical conditions.

The shooter, David Jamichael Daniels, has been charged with seven counts of attempted murder and is in custody awaiting an initial court hearing. Police report that several of the victims were students from Alabama A&M University and were visiting Panama City Beach for their Spring Break. At the moment, authorities don’t seem to know exactly what set Daniels off, but the scene when they arrived told a terrifying tale.

Police say that three of the victims were found inside the home where the party was going on. One victim was found in the yard out front, one in the median crossing the street and two more in the yard of a house across the street.

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