Second Trailer For Video Game Nostalgia Movie ‘Pixels’ Debuts

source: youtube

Hollywood has come up with all manner of movies depicting an alien arrival on the planet Earth. Some show the extraterrestrials as environmentalists bent on human extermination to save the world like in The Day The Earth Stood Still and sometimes they are just dastardly beings hell bent on destruction for its own sake. But if run-off-the-mill sci-fi movies are really your style, than perhaps you might something a bit more novel and stranger.

Enter Pixels, a tale of alien invasion unlike anything you’ve seen before. A hostile race has discovered the time capsule that was jettisoned into space in 1982 and perceived the video games included as a declaration of war – and so they send agents of chaos in the form of massive game villains. The only way to stop them is to literally beat them at their own game by locating the gaming masters of the 80’s to lead the way. The film stars Adam Sandler, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, and Michelle Monaghan and is due in theaters on July 24th.

  • Pixels Trailer #2
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