In another attempt to battle the country’s drinking problem, the Russian government is working on a app that will aim to help those with alcoholism and other addictions. Officials have confirmed that the app will be available from next year and include information and advice to help alcoholics who want to quit drinking.

According to Yevgeny Bryun, a leading official at the health ministry, the new app will be an incredibly useful tool for anyone who is battling an addiction and wants to go clean. It will include details of local help centers, support meeting, medical advice and access to material provided by organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Russia has one of the biggest drinking cultures in the world with the alcohol consumption in the country one of the highest in Europe. Most alarmingly, a large proportion of the alcohol drunk by Russians is spirits compared to the beer and wine that is mostly consumed in other nations.

The government has already introduced several measures to try to alleviate the problem, such as raising taxes, increasing prices and limiting how much alcohol can be bought at a time. However, that has done little to lower consumption.

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