The Royal Navy has finally unveiled a warship of the future, though it is going to take 35 years for the construction to be completed on such a massive endeavor. The vessel is currently being called the ‘Dreadnought 2050’, and appears similar to something we may see in a science fiction film. The ship, should it be completed, can be manned by 50 sailors at once – which is opposed to the 200 currently required by today’s vessels – and will offer futuristic screens to handle the daily tasks.

Concept images for the ship were shown off by leading British electronic companies, all of which work with naval defense experts, Startpoint. The ship is capable of blending into its surroundings using ultra-strong acrylic hull that can turn invisible. The ship will also feature weaponry that is capable of firing at the speed of light.

The vessel can fire ‘spread torpedoes’ out of tubes on the outrigger hulls that may travel at speeds of around 350 miles per hour thanks to a friction-less bubble surrounding the missile. Lastly, the ship will feature a flight deck for remote-controlled drones, plus a tethered quad-coptor that floats above the ship in search of enemy missiles and aircraft.

We’re excited to see this one hit the water in the future.

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